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When you use a Template or Theme-based storefront,
you cannot build your website just Anyway or Anywhere
Your website is permantly fused to your webstore !

What are Templates?

In order to keep traditional ecommerce storefronts PCI complaint, while still providing merchants with some kind of flexibility in design, most ecommerce solutions evolved the concept of a template or theme-based storefront for your website/store combination.  They sound elegant and easy, but the problems with forcing you to use templates in these kinds of shopping carts are numerous:

Complex Ecommerce

Traditional ecommerce solutions have generally evolved from stand alone software where the merchant integrated the web store into the website, to now, elaborate services that combine website, store and hosting all together.  We know this because we use to sell both types of solutions ourselves.  The basic problem with earlier stand-alone software is maintaining PCI compliance at the merchant level, a set of complicated and expensive standards that require the business, the hosting, and the software you use to go through expensive quarterly or yearly audits by a third party if a merchant's store collects, transmits or stores cardholder data. With a stand-alone solution, the merchant owns all of the PCI compliance headache which really make these solutions impractical and insecure today.  Along came the website/store/hosting ecommerce solutions that bundled all that together.  Using so-called templates or themes, they attempt to simplify PCI for the merchant.  However, the basic problems with the elaborate all encompassing solutions are that you are stuck with a single vendor and the shopping cart/store/hosting vendor still incures PCI audit costs that have to be passed on to the merchant.  So the all encompassing solution for the merchant is more expensive, more complicated, less flexible, and more time consuming.

Until Now...

Ecommerce made Easy

SalesCart Cloud is a cloud-based online store only.  It decouples your online store from your website and it decouples your online store from your web hosting.  It is able to do this by revolutionizing the traditional security model for ecommerce.  It doesn't try to be your web site or your web hosting!   After all, you can build and host websites for litterally pennies per year, or in some cases now, for free - right?  It doesn't need templates because the functionality people want from an online store, unlike their website, is mostly the same:  Allow for easy product searchs, allow products to be categorized, so selection and finding products is simplier, display the products along with elements about those products that will encourage sales and inform their customers, take the customers order, take the customers information relative to product delivery and options, securely charge the customer for the order and taxes if they apply, and notify the customer and the merchant of the order.  Because there are no templates and because your website, web hosting, and webstore are not all fused together, SalesCart achieves many benefits and features:


Social Ecommerce

Unlike many of the pretend Facebook stores coming along, SalesCart is a real Facebook app.  However, just because SalesCart is a real Facebook app that doesn't mean you have to sell on FaceBook.  SalesCart uses Facebook as the container to build, maintain, and display your web store.  It essentially gives you a way to sell, without a website, using a Facebook container to hold your website for the purposes of marketing to your customers.   You can use Facebook as the container, your website as the container, or a mobile app as the container - it doesn't matter.


  Social commerce is much more than Facebook alone nowadays including Twitter, mobile and who knows what is coming next