Copyright Policy

We respect the copyright, intellectual rights, and rights of others to privacy and non-interference.  Our users also agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any violation of the rights of others.  If you believe one of our users is in violation of your rights, please notify us according to the process below.  Users who are determined to have offended the rights of others may be subject to civil or criminal penalties.


In order to satisfactorily file a complaint for violation of copyright or other rights, please include the following:

  1. Your Name, Address, Email Address, and Telephone Number.
  2. A description of the infringement.  You must include proof showing you are the original owner or have title to the property.
  3. A copy of the customers infringement.  You must include a printed copy showing the violation as well as a URL and steps necessary to reproduce the infringement action on the Internet.
  4. Finally, include the following words at the bottom of your complaint along with your physical wet signature by pen or ink: 
    Under penalty of perjury, I duly affirm the forgoing complaint, and statement and attest that all information contained in this complaint is true and accurate , signed:
  5. Please send notification by Toll Free Fax:  866-660-5431 or by US Mail to:

Attn: Copyright Policy Violation
PO Box 1183
Round Rock TX 78681


Customers who are accused of violations, where ComCity cannot immediately determine the veracity of the complaint on its face value, will typically be given notice and a reasonable time of 7 business days to correct the issue on their own.  If they fail to notify us of any corrective action, ComCity will automatically delete the content.  ComCity will not maintain copies of content and once the content is deleted, it will be the duty of customers to find suitable replacements.

Repeat Offenders

Customers who are repeatedly accused of violating the rights of others will be terminated according to the Acceptable User Policies and Terms and Conditions of Service and no further notice or reasons are required.

Policy Effective Date: 6/10/2014