Customizing Your Store

Accessing your Store Control Panel

You can go to the Facebook App and click on Administer Store to perform all actions relative to your online store.  Use this button and process to administer your catalog, your store, view your store, review orders, or change products.  You can also administer and view your store a number of other different ways as well; however, this provides you an easy to remember single point of entry.

SalesCart has two different versions of its app that runs on Facebook.  When you customers go to your Store tab, they will only see your store and the products you sell.  They won't see the store creation and administration functionality that you can see in Facebook.

The SalesCart cloud control panel interface is very intuitive and once your store is complete, it will take some time to look around and become fully acquainted with it.  The main items you are going to want to do right away is 1) Update your departments (highest level of categories) and categories for your products ; 2) Update your products; and 3) Update attributes you have on any products.  This is covered next. 

Overview of Store Control Panel Controls

What you are doing   Instructions
Adding SalesCart Tab to Facebook Store Page
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Basics of SalesCart Cloud Administrative Control Panel
  1. You can get to the SalesCart Administration at any time by logging into Facebook Home Link, and clicking on the SalesCart app in the left side of Facebook under Apps.  Once the SalesCart app is loaded, click on Adminster.
  2. The navigation buttons in the upper right hand side control the buttons you see on the left hand side.  They are broken down into 5 categories:
    • Profile: Visit your store, control your password, reset your password.
    • Catalog:  Control the front end of the store such as categories, products, manufacturer details, attributes, SEO,etc.
    • Store:  Control the back end of the store affecting whole store  configuration such as configuration of taxes, shipping, and other whole order factors.
    • Orders:  This is the back office functionality of the software where you go to review orders, print purchase orders, labels, market to customers, export data, and review reports.
    • Facebook:  Currently this returns to Facebook
  3. Load the Store.  The SalesCart cloud control panel has been designed to be able to administer more than one store.  So first, click on Profile>Your Store, then click on Load next to the store.
  4. Click on the Top action to pick the major type of administration that you are performing and then click on the bottom action to refine your choice.
  5. To customize your categories (departments), Click on Catalog>Departments
  6. To customize your products, Click on Catalog>Products>Edit Products.

Customizing your Category and Product Data

By default, a demo-data store is created.  You must customize that demo data for your own store and product.  The following video describes the process you should follow.  In this video, we completely customize and change the default store data to a bakery in 8 minutes. 

Setup your Workspace first

Open your browser and create three different tabs.  In the first, tab, place the YouTube video.  In the second tab, have the SalesCart Control Panel.  In the third tab, have your Facebook Store.  You should watch the video and pause the video at each step.  Then go to the second tab and perform thet exact same operation in the video screen.  Once you have succesfully finished each section of the video, the video will prompt you to refresh your store.  You will go to your third browser tab and hit the F5 button in your browser to refresh the screen and display the store changes you just made.  Follow this process first for the Department and Categories, next for the Product and finally for the Attributes (and Options). 

We suggest you watch the video all the way through once, then turn the sound down on the video, and go screen by screen

Youtube SalesCart Cloud Introduction  Watch Video:  Category and Product Customization

Finalizing Facebook and PayPal

The final steps are to finalize your Facebook Page to ensure the Click-to-Shop button is always displayed and to allow mobile customers to shop your store as well.  You will also configure PayPal so that it can accept orders from SalesCart.

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