Free forever Artisian-$15/mo Merchant-$30/mo Unlimited-$99/mo
  Free Artisian Merchant Unlimited
Online Discount Rate PayPal Billed
PayPal Billed
AuthorizeNet Billed
2.60% + .30¢
AuthorizeNet Billed
2.20% + 30¢
Products 10 100 1000 Unlimited
Add mobile swipe     $49.99 once Yes
Add Retail card swipe rate     +$9.99/month
2.20% + 30¢
1.89% + 30¢
Support Community support Community support
Community support
Ticket support
Community support
Ticket support
Live Chat support
Store consultation
Unlimited Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-time Shipping Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Transaction Fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Statement Fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
No PCI Fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Gateway Fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real Facebook Store App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Abandoned Cart Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO/Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discounting/Coupon codes   Yes Yes Yes
 Wishlists, Ratings & Reviews, Social Media forwarding and more... Yes Yes Yes Yes
* Billed Price FREE $45/3mo $105/3mo  $297/3mo
Are there setup or transaction fees?
No.  There are no setup fees, no transaction fees, and no PCI fees.
Can I cancel or change my plan?
Yes.  You can cancel with 30 days notice for processing.  Fees will be pro-rated and quarterly fees refunded to you to the nearest 30 day end date.
Do you charge bandwidth or storage fees?
No.  All plans include unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for your store.
Can I use my existing domain on my existing site?
Absolutely.  SalesCart is unique in that you can use it with an existing website or no website at all.  No need to host with us with higher costs.
Do I need to build my website against a template?
No.  You can build your website anyway you want.  Use any website design software, including free ones like or
Do I need a website?
No.  You can sell through Facebook without a website or link your store to a blog, a mobile app, or a 3rd party ecommerce marketplace like Etsy.
Do I need a merchant account or a gateway?
No.  You can use SalesCart with PayPal or with a premium plan, we provide you the merchant account, gateway, and the ability to accept credit card payments online or via a terminal complete as priced above.  No extra statement fees or gateway fees or minimum monthly fees.
Do you have a Free trial of your software?
Yes and even better.  Use the Free version of SalesCart to try the software for as long as you need to with no time limit.  No credit card required.
Do I need to worry if you are PCI Compliant?
No.  SalesCart is the first shopping cart that is out-of-scope for PCI.  That means there are no PCI  fees for you, no special hosting requirements or special scanning requirements or fees for your web hosting.  Just fill out a PCI SAQ questionaire and you're done and 100% PCI compliant.
Do I need an SSL Certificate?
No.  SalesCart provides SSL security for basic customer data, and eliminates you and your web site hosting from the collection or storage of PAN data, thus pushing all PCI-DSS compliance to the gateway away from your website, webstore, and hosting.
Do I need special equipment?
No.   We provide everything including free mobile card swiper and free terminals for your brick and mortar store front as well.
If I start with the Free plan, do I need to reenter products if I upgrade?
No. All the product data you enter is the same.
Why do you bill quarterly?
We bill quarterly to keep your total expenses down.  Our fee includes everything to do ecommerce: shopping cart, gateway, processor, equipment(mobile or retail swiper), & merchant account.
Can I use this with WordPress, with Joomla, or with Drupal ?
Yes, Yes, and Yes.  You can use SalesCart with any web site on the planet and you do not need to start your entire website over again.    It doesn't matter if you are using a website design tool, if you are hosting on a windows or a unix server or anything else for that matter.
Do you provide themes or templates that I must use or that have an extra cost ?
We don't need to provide themes that you must use because our shopping cart doesn't force you to use specially programmed ones in the first place.  You can use any theme, or any template that exists on the Internet and there are  literally 1000's of free website themes, templates and even free website services to chose from.