We, the SalesCart Team, are pioneers in Internet ecommerce with 20 years of experience in the industry.  Our past is hallmarked with many firsts and we continue that tradition by continuing to innovate using the newest technologies and making ecommerce more accessible than ever before.


It is our mission to make ecommerce easier by 1) allowing merchants to more economically and more precisely target their customer by decoupling the online store from the design and marketing of their website; and 2) giving our merchants more flexibility without needing advanced programming or template coding skills.  We endeavor to provide better security with less compliance burden using a hostless model for the store, credit card processing without PCI fees, and simplifying the PCI compliance burden by shifting the website, web store and hosting out from underneath the PCI umbrella.  We will make ecommerce available to the largest number of merchants including underserved and entry-level merchants, and we will guarantee their online business success. We will provide turnkey products that provide higher value at a lower price than any other competitor.  We will bring our extensive and advanced experience to market using the latest proven, most securable technologies.


First script-only Shopping Cart for Windows

ComCity, the parent company of SalesCart, started as a hosting company in 1995. Our customers wanted ecommerce software that could "plug-in" to their website without having to start their design over, and, as a result, we commercially released SalesCart Standard in 1997.  At the time, there were less than 10 commercially available shopping carts and the majority were compiled to run directly on web servers while a few were based on PERL or CGI.  SalesCart Standard was the first commercial shopping cart to completely use Javascript for its front-end and Microsoft's initial database technology called IDC/HTX.  SalesCart PRO was later released with more features using ASP (Active Server Pages)  which replaced IDC/HTX.  Later SalesCart SQL and SalesCart NET were released on the ASP.NET platform (the technology that replaced ASP)

Inventors of Design Tool Ecommerce

Design tool ecommerce is the concept of decoupling the storefront from the web site design/hosting.  Our merchants have always demanded 100% control over the appearance of their website and there marketing so they could target their customers precisely and they did not want the store front to enforce a cookie-cutter look for their website design or business process.  We created the very first shopping cart add-in for Microsoft FrontPage and one of the first ecommerce solutions for Macromedia and Adobe Dreamweaver.  This allowed merchants 100% control over the site design giving them the freedom to host anywhere and to create their website anyway they wanted whether by templates or hand coding.  With an ever changing number of ways to create websites and ways to display websites, we extended this concept now to work with any and all website design tools and templates, any and all hosting companies, any and all output devices (desktop, mobile or pad) and any and all CMS platforms.

First commercial PHP shopping cart

In 2000, we began working on extending our windows shopping cart into the Unix realm and in early 2001, we released and took orders for the first commercial PHP scripted shopping cart called SalesCart-X.  Others may claim this but we were taking orders and shipping software before their domain names were even intiated.

First ASP.NET SAAS shopping cart addin

In 2007, we released SalesCart Express, the first ASP.NET Software-as-a-service (SAAS) addin for Microsoft Expression Web and to Adobe Dreamweaver.  We extended our concept of design tool software to the SAAS model in 2007 thereby decreasing merchants costs, increasing security, and increasing reliability and uptime.

First 100% out of PCI-DSS scope Cloud based shopping cart

In June 2014, we released SalesCart Cloud, the first payment complete commercial cloud based shopping cart solution that was 100% out-of-scope for PCI.  Before this point in time, shopping cart software had to be all encompassing solutions that took over you website and hosting completely to preserve PCI and forced merchants to completely recreate their website to stay PCI complaint.  With the SalesCart Cloud ecommerce solution, merchants could now create their website anyway they wanted, host them anywhere they wanted, and sell anywhere they wanted without regard to PCI concern.   



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