Partners Wanted

We are looking for Partners to help us expand our company to the next level.  We welcome all partners as we know there are things we haven't thought of yet and we also know that we can't do it all.  We would like to build a community where we share the wealth of making our customers suggesfully and we concentrate on our core competencies instead of trying to be all things to all people.

Here are some of the types of partners and partnerships we are actively seeking:

  1. Are you a web design firm with lots of customers and you would like to receive a commission for referring them to SalesCart? 
  2. Are you a web hosting firm that would like to concentrate on your core competency and offer ecommerce without having to develop and support your own software product and receive a commission for SalesCart sales?
  3. Are you a web designer or web developer that has an idea for an after market product or service you would develop and sell that would be useful to our customers?
  4. Are you a customer service company that would like to provide customer service and support?

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