Getting Started

Start with a FaceBook Store

Website-Only Store?

Youtube SalesCart Cloud Introduction  Watch Introduction Overview Video

Upgrading your Free Store?

We suggest your first start with our free version of our shopping cart and load up the first 10 products you plan on selling.  You can upgrade the number of products and payment method at any time later on, by clicking here

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Build Facebook Store, website store and mobile store

No Facebook?
If you want a website store ONLY
with NO Free Facebook store,
follow these directions instead

Website ONLY Store!

Step 1:   

Watch Getting Started Video (1.5mins.)
Demonstrates and performs the first 5 steps visually in <2mins.

Youtube SalesCart Cloud Introduction  Watch Getting Started Video


Step 2:   

Create a Facebook Account
Skip this step if you already have one

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Step 3:   

Create a Facebook Page for your Company/Product
You need a Facebook Page separate from your main Facebook Account.  Skip this step if you already have a separate page

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Step 4:   

Add the SalesCart App to Facebook
We use Facebook as a single common access point.

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Step 5:   

Register and Create a Demo Store

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Step 6:   

Accessing the Control Panel

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Step 7:   

Control Panel Overview

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Step 8:   

Customize your Products or Services

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Step 9:   

Finalize PayPal to accept Orders

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Step 10:   

Reviewing your Orders

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