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SalesCart is an Instant Web, Mobile & Social Online Store!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to create an online store without having to build a totally new website? 

SalesCart Cloud

You don't NEED a Website!

SalesCart will work with any website, or no website at all, and give you MORE SECURE ecommerce capabilities than any other ecommerce solution before.

Most ecommerce solutions expect you to take your existing website and just throw it away, or worse, re-"build-it" with some cookie cutter hard-to-use pre-programmed template or theme hosted on their web servers and without regard to your distinctive marketing.  SalesCart is a totally new kind of ecommerce solution that doesn't try to replace your current website, or your marketing strategy, or your web hosting.  You don't have to throw away the website you already have and start over just to add ecommerce. It will work with your already EXISTING website or web hosting, and if you want to create a new website, you can do it anyway and anywhere you want. 

The Free FOREVER Shopping Cart!

No Trial Limit
No Credit Card Required
No Obligation

  • Free Facebook shopping cart and ecommerce solution (free up to first 10 products) with payment acceptance built-in.
  • Provides a real merchant account: take payments and credit cards from anywhere including multiple online stores, multiple distributors, a mobile store, and brick-and-mortar store and all at the same time.
  • You don't sell on Facebook?  No problem.  No forced templates or hardwired design themes required-SalesCart will work with any template, any theme, any hosting company, or any website designed with anything.
  • SalesCart is the easiest and fastest ways to start selling with or without a website.
  • More powerful: SalesCart provides both a single-page checkout system and a multi-page checkout system from which to choose from.  Not many ecommerce carts do that!
  • The first, and only, cloud based shopping cart that is out-of-scope-for PCI PA-DSS making it the most secure ecommerce solution ever created
  • As a result of not being tied directly to a website template, it is a more versatile and flexible allowing limitless website design, marketing, and effortless customization, as well as instant upgrades and enhancements to the store that happen seamlessly and independently of your website.
  • Whether you sell on Facebook, via a mobile app, or no website at all, SalesCart provides more value, more flexibility, more features and more security than ever before.

Great for Novice or Expert Sellers

Programming or website design skills to modify web site store templates or themes not required.

Most Secure Ecommerce Solution Most Secure Ecommerce Solution

The first online store that is out-of-scope for PCI PA-DSS and in the cloud ensures the most secure online shopping experience for you and your customer

Host Anywhere Host Anywhere

Host your website anywhere you want or sell directly from Facebook, or a store community, without a website altogether

Build an online store with no Templates No Templates Required

You can build your website to look any way you want without a template forcing your website and store to look the same, or if you want to use a template, choose from 1000's of free web page templates already on the Internet

True Social Store Plug-in True Facebook/Social Store

A true Facebook app with SEO that keeps your customer in Facebook  instead of a separate, socially unfriendly, and more complex website simply linked into Facebook

Accept Credit Cards Instantly Accept Credit Cards Instantly

Accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX  directly (No payment gateway required) including, free equipment to take credit cards from a mobile store or brick-and-mortar store

Use any CMS or website Design Tool to build your website Easiest way to Build an Online Store

Build a web site store however you want.  Use a free/simple web site creation wizard at your hosting company, or a sophisticated CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Joomla, etc.

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